How to Use Your Personal Intention Management System and Vault

This page describes features available only to users enrolled in the Follow Through Master Program.

Overview of the Intention Vault

Your Vault

Your private data-encrypted Intention Vault is where your personal Intention Management System lives. It’s a place where you can make a formal record of the intentions you adopt, develop a Follow Through Plan for each intention, and track your progress in following through on each intention. All three of these functions are accomplished using a single utility, the Intention Record form.

You can visit your Intention Vault anytime to review your complete portfolio of intentions. You’ll be able to access and review each Intention Record, make any necessary changes in an intention’s status or Follow Through Plan, and enter notes regarding your progress in implementing the plan and doing what you intend to do. When you view an Intention Record, you’ll also have the option of printing it and/or printing it to PDF to save a copy on your computer or other device.

Also stored in your private vault is your Insights and Discoveries journal. Entries you make in the journal will document the evolution of your own thinking and learning about what it takes to follow through better. You can make entries whenever and as often as you’d like.

Detailed Steps

You have an idea of something you could do that would benefit you in some way. It could be a new idea or an idea you’ve had before but failed to act on. Either way, your “good idea” is only a POTENTIAL intention at this stage. It may not have what it takes to be a viable intention. So, now what?

Step 1: Test Your Intention

Use the How to Test an Intention Before Adopting It checklist/protocol to determine whether your potential intention is viable and truly ready for prime time.

Step 2: Register Your Intention

If your potential intention passes the viability test, and you’re ready to formally adopt it, that is, to make a solemn promise to do anything and everything necessary to act in accord with it, it’s time to register your new intention and deposit it in your vault. To do this, you’ll use the Create an Intention Record utility/form.

Step 3: Develop Your Follow Through Plan

Once you’ve registered your intention, you can use the same form to flesh out a plan for making sure that you’ll follow through on your intention. The form will guide you in developing a practical Follow Through Plan that takes into account the obstacles you’re likely to encounter and the strategy or strategies that will allow you to overcome those obstacles. Of course, you’ll be able to make changes to your plan whenever you want.

Step 4: Track Your Progress

The Intention Record includes a section for recording your progress. We recommend that you review and update this section often.

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