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Carbonated Intention

An intention you create when you're inspired and emotionally aroused. Carbonated intentions typically fizzle out quickly, so it's important to take some action immediately to implement them.

Compelling Reason

A reason that you can actually feel in your gut and that effectively urges you to take required action.

See the Creating Compelling Reasons follow through strategy. (Can be viewed by Master Program enrollees only.)


A cue is a stimulus or trigger -- something "out there" -- that causes you to think and/or feel and/or do something in particular. While the right cues can help you follow through on a given intention, the wrong cues can stimulate thoughts and/or feelings and/or actions that hinder your ability to follow through on that intention.

See the Spotlighting follow through strategy. (Can be viewed by Master Program enrollees only.)

Follow Through

Doing what you intend to do; behaving in accord with a good intention.

Follow Through Fairy Tale

The troublesome belief that just because you intend to do something and are motivated to do it, you'll actually do it.

Follow Through Formula

If you FEEL like doing the same thing you INTEND to do, you're likely to do it.

Follow Through Mindset

A way of thinking about and treating your own intentions that's based on how the mind really does work and not on how we only think it SHOULD work.

Follow Through Strategy

A particular way to increase the chances of following through, for example, by doing something to make it FEEL necessary to do what you intend to do, or making it easier to do what you intend to do or harder to not do it.

Insights & Discoveries Journal

A place for you to record your observations, insights and discoveries as you learn what it takes for you to follow through better.

Intelligent Guidance

The smart advice you give yourself about what you should do to make things better in some way.


A decision to do something in particular and a promise you make to yourself to do it.

Intention Management System

A way of systematically improving your ability to follow through by giving you a way to formally record your intentions, develop and improve follow through plans, and track your progress.

Intention Portfolio

All the intentions you've adopted and are either actively working on implementing or are planning to implement in the future.

Intention Record

A record of an intention you've adopted that includes the intention's current status (Active, Paused, or Abandoned), a Follow Through Plan you develop/improve, and a means to track your progress.

Intention Status

An indication of whether a given intention is "Active" (you're actively working on implementing it), "Paused" (you're not actively working on it but plan to in the future), or "Abandoned" (you've concluded that it's no longer worth pursuing).

Poor Follow Through

The failure to do what you intend to do.

Potential Intention

An idea you have of something you could do that would benefit you in some way, but you have yet to "test" the idea to determine whether it's viable enough to consider it an intention worthy of adoption.

Register an Intention

Make a formal record of a potential intention you've tested and determined is viable, worthy of adoption, and ready for a Follow Through Plan.


The natural reluctance you feel to actually do something you intend to do.


Deliberately exposing yourself to cues that will keep your attention focused on what you intend to do and/or on motives that support doing what you intend to do.

See the Spotlighting follow through strategy. (Can be viewed by Master Program enrollees only.)

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The place online where your Intention Records and Insights & Discoveries Journal are stored.


A measure of your ability to do something you don't feel like doing or to refrain from doing something you do feel like doing.

Willpower Leveraging

A way to deliberately use situations to make doing what you intend to do require less or no willpower.

See the Willpower Leveraging follow through strategy. (Can be viewed by Master Program enrollees only.)