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The Power to Follow Through

Learn how to turn your good intentions into life-improving action

Some Common Misconceptions About Follow Through:

“Most people don’t have a problem following through.”

WRONG! Even the most highly motivated and successful people have a hard time following through consistently.

“Poor Follow Through is my own damned fault!”

WRONG! It’s caused primarily by a design flaw in the human mind that’s been robbing you of success. Once you understand the flaw, you can work around it. We’ll show you how!

“I just need more willpower.”

WRONG! You already have all the willpower you need. You just need to learn how to leverage it. We’ll show you how!

“I’ll just try harder next time.”

WRONG! Trying harder doesn’t work. What does work is trying smarter. We’ll show you how!

“I can’t trick myself into following through.”

WRONG! Following Through actually depends on tricking yourself. We’ll teach you all the tricks you need!

The Mind Behind The Power to Follow Through

Dr. Steve Levinson

Dr. Levinson is a clinical psychologist, author and inventor who has devoted his career to helping people follow through on their own good intentions.

In the early 1980’s, Levinson discovered a previously overlooked flaw in the design of the human mind that causes even highly motivated people to waste much of the time, energy, money and hope they invest in self-improvement. His discovery led him to create the MotivAider® — an ingeniously simple tool that makes use of what’s wrong with the mind to make the mind work better.

Can You Solve this Real-Life Math Problem?

You might think it’s a bit strange to set the stage for a program about following through by asking you to solve a math problem. But this isn’t just any old math problem. It’s a real-life math problem that’s based on a true story and takes human nature into account.

Are you ready?

Two men and one woman are on the ground floor of an office building waiting for the elevator to take them up to the fourth floor.

While waiting, one of the men remembers that he really needs to get some exercise. So, he decides to take the stairs to the fourth floor instead of riding the elevator.

The elevator arrives empty and makes no stops on the way to the fourth floor.

The two men each weigh 200 pounds. The woman weighs 150 pounds.

So, what was the total weight of passengers in the elevator when the elevator arrived at the fourth floor?

The answer is 550 pounds.

If you answered 350 pounds, your math skills may be OK, but you need to pay closer attention to human nature.

You see, the man who decided to take the stairs took the elevator anyway!

That’s right, in real life, DECIDING doesn’t necessarily mean DOING.

Why The Power to Follow Through?

Get a quick introduction to website features and how to use them

How a squirrel paved the way for The Power to Follow Through

Learn about the insights and discoveries behind The Power to Follow Through. Based mostly on excerpts from the book Following Through by Steve Levinson and Pete Greider, this presentation explains why following through doesn’t come naturally.

Start on Your Path to Better Follow Through

Two Ways to Get Started:

Follow Through Introductory Program

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This free program will introduce you to a new way of thinking about your own good intentions and what it really takes to consistently turn them into life-improving action. In the self-paced online course, Following Through: A New Perspective, you’ll learn why poor follow through isn’t really your fault and why following through better is not about trying harder. It’s about trying smarter!

Follow Through Master Program

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Get unlimited access to two additional online courses plus a collection of resources and tools designed to help you become a Follow Through Master. Includes your own online Intention Management System and secure data-encrypted personal vault — everything you need to consistently and systematically turn your good intentions into life-improving action! Enrollment includes lifetime access to all current and future content.