Creating an Intention Record

This page describes features available only to users enrolled in the Follow Through Master Program.

You can access the Create an Intention Record utility from the drop-down menu for Your Vault.

An Intention Record consists of four sections:

Section One: Register an Intention

A formal record of an intention that you’ve “tested”, have found to be viable, and are now ready to adopt. You’ll be reminded that you’re making a solemn promise to do anything and everything you can to follow through on the intention. Then you’ll be asked to enter a short name for the intention as well as the date you adopted it. You’ll also see and be able to set the status of the intention, which, by default, will be ACTIVE. (Learn how to update the status of an intention.)

Section Two: Obstacles & Objectives

Next, you’ll select the obstacles you expect to encounter and the objectives your plan will need to address.

Section Three: Describe Your Plan

Here you describe a Follow Through Plan that you’ll develop to make it likely that you’ll actually do what you intend to do. The plan you describe here should address the obstacles and objectives you identified in the previous section.

Section Four: Track Your Progress (Optional)

This section is for keeping an ongoing log of your progress. You’ll be asked to make notes on your progress in implementing your plan and in doing what you intend to do.