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Lifetime Access to All 3 Current and All Future Online Courses and Resources + Your Own Intention Management System Including a Secure Data-Encrypted Personal Vault for Registering Your Intentions, Developing Follow Through Plans, Tracking Your Progress, and Recording Your Insights and Discoveries

Enroll in the complete Follow Through Master Program to get everything you need to acquire and maintain the power to follow through. Lifetime membership includes your own Intention Management System that allows you to register your intentions, helps you develop Follow Through Plans, let’s you track your progress, and record your insights and discoveries about what it takes to follow through better. And you can save everything in a secure data-encrypted online vault that you can access whenever you want.

All material has been created by clinical psychologist, author and inventor, Dr. Steve Levinson, who is committed to creating additional resources whenever feedback from users indicates a need. The Follow Through Master Program is designed to enable users to quickly and easily achieve maximum lasting impact.     

Following Through: A New Perspective

Self-Paced Online Course

Improving your ability to follow through is one of the best investments you can make in your future.

In this introductory course, you’ll discover the surprising truth about why your good intentions often fizzle out. (Spoiler Alert: It’s not really your fault!) You’ll learn that your mind doesn’t actually treat good intentions the way you think it should and always assumed (spelled “h-o-p-e-d”) it would. And you’ll get a preview of what it takes to follow through in light of the unfortunate way the mind actually treats good intentions.

The most important thing you’ll learn in this course is that following through better is not about trying harder. It’s about trying smarter.

  • Introduction
  • What is Poor Follow Through?
  • The “Cost” of Poor Follow Through
  • How We Create Good Intentions
  • Meet the Follow Through Fairy Tale
  • The Great Disconnect
  • Blaming Yourself
  • A Bum Rap
  • You Heard Right: The Human Mind Is Poorly Designed for Following Through
  • Working Against Yourself
  • Making Lemonade Out of Lemons
  • The Big Challenge
  • Discovering the Missing Step
  • Success!
  • Where To Go From Here?

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Follow Through Strategies

Self-Paced Online Course

The truth is, intentions don’t automatically implement themselves. They don’t come with batteries; that is, they lack the power they need to overcome the resistance we feel to doing what we intend to do.

To make your intentions effective, you have to manually take a second step to give them enough power to get the job done.

This course is about taking that essential second step. You’ll learn seven different strategies you can start using today to give your intentions the power they need to succeed.

  • Spotlighting
  • Willpower Leveraging
  • Creating Compelling Reasons
  • Leading the Horse to Water
  • Right Before Wrong
  • Going Too Far
  • Strike While the Iron is Hot

Adopting a Follow Through Mindset

Self-Paced Online Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to adopt and maintain a Follow Through Mindset.

A Follow Through Mindset is a deliberate way of thinking about and treating your intentions that’s based not on how intentions should work but on how they really do work. A Follow Through Mindset is an enlightened attitude, an outlook, and a philosophy that’s designed to maximize the effectiveness of all your intentions from now on.

  • Introduction
  • Out with the Old
  • In With the New
  • From Now On, I’ll Treat My Intentions With Respect
  • From Now On, I Won’t Tolerate Unkept Promises
  • From Now On, I’ll Make a Big Deal of Adopting Intentions
  • From Now On, I’ll Keep an Eye on My Intention Portfolio
  • I Get It! There’s Nothing Automatic About Following Through
  • I’ll Expect Resistance and Be Prepared to Defeat It
  • A Final Word

Your Own Intention Management System

Online Resource

Enables you to systematically and consistently turn your good intentions into life-improving action

You can formally register your intentions, get help developing follow through plans, track your progress, record your insights and discoveries about how to follow through consistently, and store everything safely in your own private data-encrypted online vault.

A Set of Guides

Online Resource

These bite-size Guides will help you position your intentions for success

Guides supplement and reinforce what you’ll learn in the courses. You can access them whenever you’d like.

  • Test an Intention Before Adopting It
  • Do You Really Need a Follow Through Plan?
  • How To Stay Focused on Your Intention
  • How To Prepare for Resistance
  • How To Overcome Resistance
  • How To Decide on the Right Follow Through Strategy
  • How To Follow Through on Following Through
  • How to Use the Intention Management System

Meet the creator of the Follow Through Master Program

The Follow Through Master program was created by Dr. Steve Levinson, aka The Follow Through Doc.

Dr. Levinson is a clinical psychologist, author and inventor who has devoted his career to helping people follow through on their own good intentions.

In the early 1980’s, Levinson began a quest to learn why even highly motivated people so often fail to follow through on their self-improvement plans. It just didn’t make sense to him that people would invest so much of their time, energy, money and hope only to fizzle out before the job was done. So, he set aside previously unquestioned assumptions that psychologists and others had been making about how the normal human mind treats good intentions, went searching for the truth, and found it.

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