These guides and tools are intended to supplement, reinforce, amplify, and help you apply what you learn in the courses. You can access these resources anytime — before, during, and after the courses.

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Paving the Way for The Power to Follow Through

(No login required!) Read excerpts from the book Following Through by Steve Levinson and Pete Greider to learn about the insights and discoveries that paved the way for The Power to Follow Through. This is a fairly long read, so you may want to consume it in pieces!

How To Test an Intention Before Adopting It

You might be surprised to know that not all intentions — as noble as they might be — are ready for prime time. Before you adopt an intention, you need to make sure it’s ready for action. This guide will help you do exactly that.

Do You Really Need a Follow Through Plan?

If you’re wondering if it’s really necessary to develop a Follow Through Plan for every intention you adopt, you can stop wondering. It is! This brief guide will help you appreciate why it’s so important to have a follow through plan for every intention you adopt.    

How To Stay Focused on Your Intention

Your intentions won’t do you any good unless you can keep them on the front burner of your mind. This guide will help you determine what it will take to keep them there.  

How To Prepare for Resistance

Because intentions generally either require you to do things you don’t feel like doing or require you to refrain from doing things you do feel like doing, feeling resistance is pretty much inevitable. This guide will help you prepare for resistance so resistance doesn’t prevent you from following through.  

How To Overcome Resistance

Learning how to deal with the resistance you feel to doing what you intend to do is a key to following through. This guide will help you do a better job of applying the basic principles of overcoming resistance.

How To Decide on the Right Follow Through Strategy

Follow through success depends on choosing the right follow through strategy or strategies. This guide will help you zero in on the best strategies for any intention you adopt.

How To Follow Through on Following Through

No matter how good you get at following through, following through will never become automatic. This guide will help you understand what you’ll have to do manually to keep on keeping on.

Your Vault

Your Intention Vault is where your personal Intention Management System lives. It’s a secure place where you can make a formal private record of the intentions you adopt, develop a Follow Through Plan for each intention, and track your progress in following through on each intention. All three of these functions are accomplished using a single utility, the Create an Intention Record form.

You can visit your Intention Vault anytime to review the intentions you’ve adopted and to make any necessary changes in your Follow Through Plans.

Also kept in your vault is your “Insights and Discoveries” journal. You can use the journal as often as you’d like to document the evolution of your own thinking about what it takes to follow through better.

Access to all Intention Vault features are available from the secondary menu. Here are quick links:


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