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Think about it: Improving your ability to follow through is one of the best investments you can make in your future. Just imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could always count on being able to do whatever you intend to do and keep doing it until the job is done.

About the program

By enrolling in this free introductory program, you’ll have unlimited access to Following Through: A New Perspective, which is a self-paced online course that aims to change the way you think about and experience your own good intentions. It promises to leave you with a very different, more accurate and constructive way of understanding what it really takes to follow through. The most important thing you’ll learn from this course is that following through better is not about trying harder. It’s about trying smarter!

Expect to be challenged… and changed!

You may not expect a free online course that takes less than an hour to complete to have a lasting impact. However, if you’re willing to invest the time, we’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Following Through: A New Perspective will challenge you to examine and set aside attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions that you probably didn’t even know you had. And it will invite you to take a fresh look at your own follow through failures and successes — not just as a person who’s focused on career goals — but more broadly as a human being striving to master the business of living.

Following Through: A New Perspective will:

  • Give you a deeper understanding of what Poor Follow Through is and why it’s so important to overcome it.
  • Debunk a commonly held myth about following through that’s probably been causing you to waste your time, effort, talent, and money for years
  • Reveal the surprising truth about why your good intentions often fizzle out.
  • Let you in on a little secret: (Spoiler alert!) Poor follow through isn’t exactly your fault!
  • Give you a glimpse of what it really takes to follow through in light of the unfortunate way the mind treats good intentions.


  • Introduction
  • What is Poor Follow Through?
  • The “Cost” of Poor Follow Through
  • How We Create Good Intentions
  • Meet the Follow Through Fairy Tale
  • The Great Disconnect
  • Blaming Yourself
  • A Bum Rap
  • You Heard Right: The Human Mind Is Poorly Designed for Following Through
  • Working Against Yourself
  • Making Lemonade Out of Lemons
  • The Big Challenge
  • Discovering the Missing Step
  • Success!
  • Where To Go From Here?

Meet the mind behind Following Through: A New Perspective

Following Through: A New Perspective was created by clinical psychologist, author and inventor, Dr. Steve Levinson.

Levinson, aka The Follow Through Doc, has spent decades helping people turn their good intentions into life-improving action. Learn more about Dr. Levinson

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You can enroll in the free Follow Through Introductory Program without making any commitments at all. You’ll have the option at any time to upgrade to the Follow Through Master Program, which includes additional online courses, resources, and unique tools to help you acquire and maintain the power to follow through consistently.