1. Introduction

This final course is about following through on following through!

I’ll pull together everything you’ve learned in the previous courses to paint a picture of a Follow Through Mindset, which is a deliberate way of thinking about and treating your intentions that’s based not on how intentions should work, but on how they really do work. It’s an enlightened attitude, an outlook, and a philosophy that’s designed to maximize the effectiveness of all your intentions from now on.

Keeping On Keeping On

This course will do more than just teach you how to adopt a Follow Through Mindset. It’s intended to prepare you to recognize and deal with stubborn old beliefs, habits, and reflexes that are likely to threaten your ability to sustain it.

Check out Resources:

Don't forget to check out and make use of Resources available to Follow Through Master Program enrollees. These guides and tools, including the Intention Management System and Vault, are designed to reinforce, amplify, and help you apply what you learn in the courses. You can access Resources anytime — before, during, and after the courses.