What About Your Ideas for Future Intentions?

The Intention Vault was designed to be a place where you can formally register and securely store the intentions you’ve decided to adopt.

The Vault’s admission requirements are stringent. That’s because we know that taking intentions seriously is a key to making them effective. So, by design, our courses and tools discourage you from creating intention records until/unless you really mean business. We want you to hold your horses until or unless you’ve concluded that an idea you have is indeed worthy of becoming a full-fledged intention that you’re ready and able to make a solemn promise to implement. 

A clever way to save your future intentions

But what about the ideas you have for future intentions? Shouldn’t there be a way for you to save them?

Well, an enrollee in the Follow Through Master Program found a creative way to use his Intention Vault to do just that.

Here’s what he did: He created an Intention Record for each idea he had for a future intention. But instead of leaving the record’s status as “Active” (the default status), he set the status to “Paused” right from the get-go. And he decided that “Paused” would stand for “Idea Still Under Consideration.”

So, he’s now saving his ideas for future intentions in his Intention Vault, but he’s doing it in a way that prevents his ideas from being mistaken for full-fledged intentions that he’s committed to implementing.

Don’t forget to review your intention portfolio

Oh, and one more thing. He now makes a point of reviewing his Intention Portfolio regularly. If he’s ready to formally adopt an “Idea Still Under Consideration” as a full-fledged intention, he changes its status to “Active.” If he decides that what once seemed like a good idea no longer does, he changes its status to “Abandon.”