Welcome to The Power to Follow Through!

Welcome to The Power to Follow Through!

I’m Dr. Steve Levinson. I’m a clinical psychologist, author and inventor. I’ve been obsessed for the past four decades with making sense of why we often do such a lousy job of doing what we truly intend to do.

We fail to do so many of the things we know we could do to make our lives better. We decide to do them. But then we either don’t do them at all, or we start to do them but fizzle out before the job is done.

Honestly, we waste so much of the intelligence, experience, and the good advice we seek and get from others because, let’s face it, we suck at following through.

Well, my colleague Pete Greider and I made a remarkable discovery that explains why. It turns out that poor follow through isn’t really our fault. I’m serious. It’s caused primarily by an overlooked design flaw in the human mind.

Luckily, we figured out how to work around the design flaw. We developed bold new strategies that people can use to dramatically improve their ability to follow through. And I’ve devoted my career to teaching people how to use follow through strategies to consistently turn their good intentions into life-improving action.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to turn on The Power to Follow Through, let’s get started. 

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