Practicing What I Preach

When it comes to following through, believe it or not, I generally do practice what I preach. That’s why this month’s blog post will be especially short.


You see, in the midst of a big move, I’m super busy and quite stressed-out, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t feel in the least bit like writing the blog post I promised myself I’d write every month. So, there’s an ugly tug-of-war raging right now between what I intend to do and what I feel like doing.

Striking a compromise

Luckily, I know enough about the art of following through to be able to end the war in a way that satisfies both sides.

I will (sort of) keep the promise I made to myself while also requiring myself to do less of what I don’t feel like doing. I’ll write a post, but it will be a short one that requires decidedly less time and effort than it generally takes to write a post. That way I’ll prevent “what I feel” from derailing my intention and weakening or destroying my positive once-a-month habit.      

Rescue an intention by lowering the bar

Yes, sometimes following through is about compromise. It’s better to scale down an intention – to lower the bar enough that you can clear it – than it is to risk totally breaking a promise you’ve made to yourself.   


To learn more about how you can lower the bar to keep your intentions alive, check out the Leading the Horse to Water strategy in our Following Through Strategies course.