Consider Going Public with Your Intentions

If you make a point of keeping your intentions to yourself, you may be depriving your intentions of the power they need to make it to the finish line.

Of course, you may have good reasons for keeping your intentions private. Maybe you think that going public with an intention is a surefire way to jinx it. Or maybe you figure that by keeping quiet about what you intend to do, you’ll spare yourself from embarrassment if you don’t follow through. Or maybe you just want to surprise someone by making an important change they weren’t expecting you to make.   

But the truth is, you can unleash enormous follow-through power by going public with a promise.

Make a promise to the right audience

The key is to make a promise to the right audience. The right audience is an audience that you’d be horrified if you disappointed and/or delighted if you pleased. It’s the audience that makes you feel in your gut – not just think – “I absolutely must follow through on my intention.” And it helps if it’s an audience that’s invested enough in you keeping your promise that it will take the initiative to check on your progress and make you feel accountable for following through.  

The power of going public

So, the next time you’re ready to adopt an important intention, consider harnessing the power that comes from going public to the right audience. Announce your intention, for example, to your boss and/or coworkers, or to a child you care about who has a stake in you keeping your promise and won’t let you off the hook.   

By the way, when you make a promise to the right audience, you’re making use of the Creating Compelling Reasons follow through strategy to give an otherwise underpowered intention all the power it needs to succeed. You can learn more about this and other follow through strategies in the Follow Through Strategies course, which is available to enrollees in the Follow Through Master Program.