About Jeff Cohan

Izzy and Jeff Jeff on lunch dateJeff was formally trained in liberal arts and education. He earned a B.A. from Harvard and studied Secondary Education at Rutgers Graduate School. He’s honed his skills in the communication arts and sciences as a teacher, trainer, instructional designer, writer, photographer, calligrapher, helpdesk manager, database programmer, and multimedia developer.

Jeff has been designing and building online systems since 1983. And while his technical skills and accomplishments are impressive, he’s always been drawn to the human element. When he read Levinson and Greider’s book, Following Though, in the late 1990s, he was immediately hooked. He contacted Levinson and began a friendship and collaboration that has flourished for over two decades and still counting.

Jeff is the founder and president of nSiteful Web Builders, Inc., a Web development and Internet Consulting firm. In his spare time, Jeff builds Web sites and Web applications, plays guitar, putters around his basement woodworking shop, mercilessly spoils his six grandchildren, and creates videos from more than two decades of home movies. His latest video project is an extended montage of people — mainly family members — asking him to stop filming them.